"The many Impressions"

August 27th - 10th of September 2022

Galleri Puls Art

Smallegade 42, 2000 Frederiksberg Open: Tuesday - Friday from 13 - 17:30 Saturday 11 - 15:30

"Abstract Painting"

Summer 2022

Økastellet Samsø, Per Poulsens vej 4, 8305 V

"Unique and Abstract Art by Nature"

Summer - Atelier No V, Kassundet 5, 8305 Samsø Open after appointment - Contact +45 40461612 or when the flag is out.

December 2021 - January 2022

Galleri Bredgade 22, 1260 København K

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was in Denmark. Normally I would be taking pictures of people, landscapes ranging from Kasakh nomads on their yearly Winter Migration on the route from the lowlands to the highlands to adventurous, speed-loving motorcyclists on their way from Paris to Dakar driving over the plateaus of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and the burning dunes of Sahara to Senegal.

However, the COVID pandemic grounded me on the most beautiful island in Denmark named Samsoe.

From the onset of the Pandemic with all the restrictions and lockdowns, I realised that I would not be able to travel freely for at least a year or more so I bought myself a black Labrador puppy named Congo.

The gift of having a dog is that you walk at least three times a day which meant I had the perfect excuse to walk along the beach watching the waves running over the sandy beach covered occasionally with small and larger rocks.

The retreat of the waves created unique and abstract images in the sand and left colourful, funny, and amazing looking seaweed figures that caught my attention.

My walks also took me through the forest where I found my eyes being mesmerised by odd and beautiful geometrical patterns of the bark of the old pine, maple and oak trees. Every pattern created by nature is there to be seen and photographed if we let ourselves be captivated by the beauty and force of nature.

"Abstract Painting"

17 October 2021

Atelier No V, Kassundet 5, 8305 Samsø

"Abstract Art by Nature"

October 2021

Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen

May - August 2021

Atelier No V, Kassundet 5, 8305 Samsø

“Winter Migration”

September - November 2021

Private Exhibtion in Copenhagen

October 2020

The Art Fair - Kunst for Alle at Lokomotivværkstedet

"Mongolian Dreams"

January 2020 - at PixlArt

2019 - at Creative Mind and Art Design Fair

2019 - at Kunst for Alle

"The Many Faces of the Samsoe Festival"

October 2018

I had my first exhibition on Samsoe in the Anton Rosen House.

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