Suzanne B. Danneskiold Lassen Photography

Suzanne B. D. Lassen Photography

What really drives and fascinates me as a photographer are these questions:

 “What are you thinking about? Are you focused on what is happening here? Or are you thinking about work, your family or what you want to do later? 

I love being hired for large or small corporate events, for business-related or private meetings. Any situation where I can use my camera skills to photograph people and bring out their true character in the photo.

Photography also fascinates me when I travel around the world. I am an adventurer at heart. To me, there is nothing better than going to remote places, meeting extraordinary people, discovering breathtaking landscapes. Experiencing places of beauty or places of hardship, where nothing is given and where you only thrive if you can overcome daily adversities and challenges.

Photographing people or capturing the essence of amazing landscapes and the unique environments where these people live, is truly rewarding.

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